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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Round - Up of 'Only' Cooking with Cookbooks

Resurfacing after a long long time... again, so far life has not been very smooth sailing and I only hope that there is a silver lining in the very near future!
Last month our life took an unexpected turn which was emotionally and physically challenging. I wish I could turn back time and make things right ..but we know that its not possible.The best way to overcome this pain is to look ahead and be positive which is my mantra for the days ahead!

Coming to this event; I wish I could have done more justice to my first ever event as a host but looks like I have to host a few more to make up for it!

Having said that I want to thank Pari for giving me an opportunity to host her 'Only' Series and all you lovely bloggers who contributed! A special thanks to My Cook World for sending in 4 entries and Pari for six recipes!! Below is the list of participants who have sent correct entries (linking to Pari's and my page) 

Please hop over to Pari's blog for the Winner Announcement which will happen soon!

1) SJ's Food Court
Asian Noodles Pancakes

2) Spicy Food

Rajasthani Kadhi

3) My Cook World

Kerala Style Fish Curry

4) My Cook World

Keralan Mango Pickle

5) Cuisine Delights

Balep Korkun

6) Cook Click n Devour

Moong Dal Banzi

7) Paruz Kitchen

Poricha Kuzhambu

8) Hamaree Rasoi

Karwari Maach

9) My Cook World

Pesarattu Dosa

10) My Creative Space

Chicken Korma

11) My Creative Space

Paneer Tikka Masala

12) My Cook World

Chettinad Lemon Rice

13) A life Journey Together

Cucumber Sweet n Sour Pachchadi

14) Foodelicious
Paul Hollywood's White Bread

Sweet n Sour Potato

16) Foodelicious
Bhawanee Singh's Madhra

17) Foodelicious
Banana Rings

18) Foodelicious
Chickpeas Kebab with Cousous Salad

19) Foodelicious
Rawa Kesari

20) Yogi Vegetarian
Ruhbarb Crumble


  1. Great round up I missed this event.

  2. I do hope your life improves soon, and event roundup looks great.. only, was I disqualified from that one, or maybe I didn't link correctly??

  3. No .. My fault I dint put the category of international entries.. ll update it asap!

  4. Gaurs, hope things work out, just hang in there ! Great round up

  5. Thxs for stopping by @ turmeric n 'spice. Am back in US, I got back in july. maybe I should take your number next time am in B'lore.

    1. I missed taking part in this event.. Glad that I'm at your space now.. Nice space and happy to follow you.. Try visiting me in your free time!

  6. Superb!!!

    Don't miss to participate in 3rd blog-anniversary event with a giveaway @ :)

  7. I almost forgot this :)Great round up..

  8. Hello! Just visiting and saying hi. AM in the middle of reading your post and catching up with the last few ones I missed, and enjoying them...

  9. you know what would be good.. if we could have a potluck with all this stuff.. and all we had to do was turn up and taste!! how good would that be?! :)

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    Thanks & Regards

  11. woderful round up .Link in recipes to ongoing event at